M&S Textiles – Sulkage Black

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Story :

Water was a most-value commodity to the Aboriginals of Northern Terriotory. This may be the reason for their living near the creeks. When the water in the creek dries up, they could still get water by digging down the soft bed of the creek. They scooped out the first lot of water (not suitable for drinking), and then clear drinkable water flows back into the hole. Aboriginal people were always looking for waterholes where ever they went. Anna Pitjara is a very well-known artist. Her depiction of waterholes in dried creek or in the forest beds is vibrant and colorful. She is a top brand artist and her artworks are displayed in national & state art gallery, private collections and commercial Aboriginal art galleries.

100% cotton fabrics from Australia designed by Aboriginal people. Traditional designs are reproduced by native Australian artists for use in quilts, garments or home decor. Translated from the Dreamtime these beautiful quilting fabrics are symbolic of the Aborigine traditions and life in the Australian bush.

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M&S Textiles – Sulkage Black

by Anna Pitjara