My Pet Crafts by Leisure Arts


Enjoy cute and useful accessories inspired by the animals you love! My Pet Crafts from Leisure Arts presents a whimsical collection of simple-to-sew projects reflecting a wide variety of pets. Designs by Vickie Clontz include Puppy and Bunny Pincushions, Ferret Cup Wrap, Dog Magnets (Papillon, Hound, Komondor, Chihuahua, Spaniel, and Beagle), Dachshund Draft Stopper, Exotic Bird Ornaments, Rooster and Hen Pincushions, Koi Neck Pillow, Peacock Purse, and Puppy and Kitten Penny Pockets (to hold folded bills or change or to use as needlecases

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My Pet Crafts by Leisure Arts

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