Prickle Cactus Pincushion


Although a real cactus was the inspiration for the Prickle Cactus Pincushion, any similarity between the two pretty much ends there:

Prickle Pincushion has your pins. A real cactus has prickles. A real cactus needs a sip or water now and then. Prickle Pincushion needs nary a drop. Prickle is stuffed with wool. A real cactus is stuffed with… cactus. A real cactus can be cute, but Prickle Pincushion is always adorable, easy and fun to make as well. Enjoy!

  • Put Prickle on a wool base or in a little pottery dish
  • Stuffed with wool – good for your pins
  • Embellish with a bit of beading
  • Almost 4″ tall
  • Blanket stitch how-to included
  • A quick and easy pattern

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Prickle Cactus Pincushion

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